At-home hand therapy can be boring. But it doesn't have to be.

MoTrack Therapy: The Solution for At-Home Hand Therapy.
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MoTrack Therapy™ is an app that tracks the patient's hand during at-home therapy exercises, providing a motivating gamified experience, live-corrective feedback, and the ability to report quantitative analysis of rehab progression to the occupational/physical therapist.

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The Need

At-home therapy exercises are extremely important to patient recovery.
However, these exercises have major problems.


The exercises can be boring and tedious, so patients often don't have the motivation to perform their exercises.

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Patients don't have a reliable way of knowing if they're doing the exercises correctly at home, and the therapist has limited quantitative data on patient performance.


Physical and occupational therapy is expensive for patients, and clinics lose significant revenues from no-shows.

Our Solution

MoTrack Therapy, your new smartphone buddy.
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With our fun, interactive games, at-home hand therapy doesn’t have to be a bore.


MoTrack helps patients do their exercises correctly by tracking the patient’s hand and providing corrective feedback.


Our app collects data on at-home therapy and charts progress, sending updates straight to therapists.
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Thoughts on MoTrack

“MoTrack is for hand and wrist injuries, focusing on a three-pronged approach for success – patient feedback, quantifiable data and games.” ~ Baltimore CBS local channel WUSA9

“This was fantastic as a tool, and I absolutely love it." - Judy Dobry, hand fracture patient and user of MoTrack Therapy.

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