The Need:

At-home therapy exercises are extremely important to patient recovery.

However, these exercises have major problems.


The exercises can be boring and tedious, so patients often don't have the motivation to perform their exercises.

No Data

Patients don't have a reliable way of knowing if they're doing the exercises correctly at home, and the therapist has limited quantitative data on patient performance.


Physical and occupational therapy is expensive for patients, and clinics lose significant revenues from no-shows.

The Solution:

MoTrack Therapy


MoTrack Therapy™ is the solution. MoTrack Therapy tracks the patient’s hand using their phone or computer, so we are with the patient every step of the way. We provide a gamified experience, so the patient is motivated to do their exercises. We provide live corrective feedback, so the patient is doing their exercises correctly. And we send summarized quantitative data to the therapist so they know if and how the patient is doing their exercises. We also analyze this data to show how the patient is progressing over time. MoTrack Therapy is the bridge for hand therapy into the 21st century.

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